Don’t Do This.  Really.

Odds are that if you email the Goat Waterers, we won’t respond.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s that we, which is typically just me, but sometimes includes others, e.g., Drake, simply will not be able to locate the email you sent.  This may be the first blog ever written primarily by a functional luddite, which is akin to a functional illiterate.  I get by, but I miss a lot of opportunities.  Yes, I could watch the tutorials, but they make my skin crawl.  The only reason I’m typing here and not elsewhere is because I stumbled onto this page, clicked around, and discovered it was tabula rasa and in need of text.  One thing I can do, in the vast sea of all I can’t, is type.  It’s my version of treading water.  When I get in over my head, I type.  Cripes, I’m doing it now.  Good thing you can’t see the look on my face.  If fear is as contagious as yawning, you’d be very afraid right now, and you’d be quite sure I’m about to drown, which I am, technologically speaking. Or typing.

If you insist on contacting Goat Waters, just remember that we warned against it.  It’s not personal, the lack of response you’re almost guaranteed to receive.


Update 2/6/19:  Now the emails from this contact form fall into my general mailbox, so I can see them.  I have very little excuse for not responding if you write, other than being away from my desk, sometimes for weeks at a time.


Credit where it is due: The image above was the first frog I drew using Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils, and according to the note on the back it’s based off something I saw in National Geographic.  My drawing, not my original image.






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