Possum Keeper


Yup, that’s me.  Back when I had hair.  On my shoulder is Peter, The Opossum.  I regret that his prehensile tail isn’t in use, or at least visible, in the one extant photo I’ve found of Peter.

Blather, blather…

….his death sentence forever endeared Pennsylvania’s Little Green Men to my heart.  Thank goodness Peter escaped into the wilderness the day his head was due on a silver platter.  I thought of him when I read Oscar Wilde’s Salome, illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.

gw blog aubrey beardsley salome w head


Not wanting to end on a grim note, here’s a more pleasant installation of artwork, crafted from Sculpey clay by The Mackenzie and Alex.

gw blog possum chicken 3

This picture is a close-up of a little diorama they made a few winters ago, when an opossum moved out of the woods and up onto our front porch, taking over our last chicken’s nesting crate which we’d set on the sheltered woodpile after a particularly bad storm.  The opposum, for reasons I’ll never understand, was named Oswald.  The Mackenzie crafted the opossum – and check out that prehensile tail!  Alex made the chicken, a fine mock up of Gloria, the Golden Wyandotte.

Here’s Oswald, in Gloria’s Crate, as photographed by The Mackenzie:

GW Blog Oswald Possum - Crop

And here’s Gloria, also taken by The Mackenzie:

GW Blog Gloria - Crop