The “Rabid” Bat

Not this bat, actually.  The one pictured above was shot on Nevis, behind a shutter.  He was quite tame and both S and I took turns petting him.  I tested his civility, of course, since I’m immune to rabies; even though they have no documented cases of rabies on Nevis, S still preferred me to test the toothy mammals, spastic stray dogs and sedate bats, first.  But I digress.  The not quite rabid bat I’m thinking of was here in Lancaster.  Somewhere, on some twinkling flash card (is this the right term?), buried in my desk, are pictures of a little brown bat, foaming, foaming, at the mouth.  How I wonder where that’s at.  If I find these pictures, or if another bat flutters onto the stucco of our front porch so I can recreate the scene, I’ll have something to show you.  Something shocking, straight out of a horror picture when movies were drive-in, not CGI.

To be continued with additional blather…

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