This page is going to link to subpages of various sorts…all favorites, but different categories of favorites.

This will surely expand, but for now:

  • Schools & Programs – educational opportunities tested by our family
  • Craftsmen & Craftswomen – we buy and use stuff from these folks.
  • Quality Gear – more stuff we buy and use, mostly made by small firms, but not individual craftspeople.
  • Blogs & Websites – these are just a few of the sites we like, but they’re the ones we visit often.
  • Artists – folks we know and/or whose work we appreciate.



Credit where it’s due: I wish I could.  I promise you I didn’t see this frog in the wild and snap a picture, so the original image isn’t mine, but I didn’t note a source on the back of my drawing.  This appears be done with water color markers, or markers and watercolor, but I didn’t make those notes either.  Rats.

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