Favorite Artists

This is such a difficult page because so many of our favorite artists don’t have a site for us to visit.  The sculptor of the Laocoön and His Sons, for instance, was finished with his work and life long before the internet’s time.  At least you can find it, if you travel to the Vatican Museums.  We’ll list contemporary artists we’ve bumped into directly, or through their art.  Much will be islandish, because that’s one of the overarching themes of Goat Waters, but we’ll start with a local-to-Lancaster, Pennsylvania painter.

Bitters End

Margaret Thorn, Watercolor Artist.  Margaret painted a portion of the collection of bitters in The Stuttering Raven’s collection.  In addition to this original, we have a few of Margaret’s prints, mostly of Ocean City, New Jersey themes.

Nena Sanchez.  Oh, Nena, we just missed you.  On our first trip to Curacao we had the opportunity to talk at length with Nena’s sister while visiting Nena’s gallery in Punda.  We bought several small gliche prints of Nena’s bird paintings.  Later during that first trip we made the trek to her studio & gallery at Landhuis Jan Kok and we very nearly bought a vibrant original of a rooster (S is, among other things, a chicken woman, in part because we kept a large flock for years).  Regrettably, we were financially responsible – holding funds for future travel and not investing in art – and we lost our opportunity to own an original.  On our second visit, we learned that Nena had passed away and all sales of her remaining originals had ended in order to form a traveling collection of her work.  Still, her paintings of a Troupial and Flamingo grace our walls – and Alex has painted copies of her birds, copying after a master, as part of her homeschool art class.




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