Favorite Blogs & Websites

#1 Pride of place here is going to Billy and Akaisha Kaderli who run the early retirement website and blog, Retire Early Lifestyle.  I’ve been following their posts and reading their articles with interest for a couple years now.  No, S & I aren’t ready to retire yet, but we’re getting our ducks in a row.  We spend far too much treasure each year traveling to the Caribbean, to our treasured islands.  We justify family travel because it is integral, as mentioned elsewhere, to how we homeschool and unschool our children; we justify ‘couples only’ travel as necessary exploration because our retirement goals include spending long stints on-island, and off-island, in various far away locales…three months here, three months there.  Geographical Arbitrage is the term the Kaderli’s use.  To make retirement a success we’ll be following portions of the Kaderli’s advice, to include downsizing our home in the U.S. once the kids are all off to college, eventually moving to a tax-friendly state (because Pennsylvania isn’t), and much more.

#2 This blog is my other top tier favorite.  I head to Knee Deep In It whenever I’m stuck in Lancaster and need an island reprieve.  I don’t know Norm & Deb, but we share an acquaintance, which is how I learned about their blog.  My buddy, the one who sent me the book which got me started down the path to mixing drinks, sent me a link one day, noting that a co-worker of his was out doing what I always talk about doing.  S & I have probably been following their adventures on Vieques, Puerto Rico for a year or slightly longer.  Not sure I’ll ever talk S out of the mainland U.S. entirely, but Norm & Deb sure make retired island life a serious temptation for her and I appreciate that!  As I type this, our youngest has roughly three and a half years of High School left before she heads into a college culinary program.  How many days is that?


The lead image for this page is another sunset snap down on the cliffside at Cas Abou in Curacao.  I’m sure I had to set a glass of wine down to take this pic.