Chicken Chores

Raising kids by raising animals….

The Chicks Arrive:

GW Blog Chickens Box Chix - Crop


In The Brooder (and, yes, we had a lot of chicks, as you can tell from the second brooder peeking out from behind The Mackenzie):

GW Blog Chickens Brooder Mack - Crop


Many, Many Months Later, these chicks, or at least the better half of them, would be laying eggs in the row of nest boxes built in our coop:

GW Blog Chicken Nest Box Eggs - Crop


Every Morning, and most evenings as well, one of the kids had to go up and harvest the eggs; sometimes there’d be three or four, sometimes a dozen or more:

GW Blog Chicken Eggs Basket - Crop


If You’re Accustomed to grocery store eggs, spotless, and uniform in size and color, raising your own mixed breed flock offers you the chance for a wide variety of eggs, all covered in chicken poo and in need of a hygienic scrub:

GW Blog Chicken Eggs Scrubbie - Crop


Once Scrubbed, the eggs are dried, then boxed and refrigerated.   We ate many of them…we have  cookbooks just for eggs.  We also gave eggs away by the carton, which mollified the nearest neighbors, the ones who had to endure cocky roosters crowing at dawn.

GW Blog Chicken Eggs Clean - Crop


And every single weekend, the coop had to be mucked out; a few dozen birds generates a lot of garden enhancing muck!

GW Blog Chicken Chores 2 - Crop

More later… {essay on why we raised chickens & other fowl, etc.}

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