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Ah, the map of Nevis (and St. Kitts, on the flip side).  This was great.  We’ve been spoiled since finding Michal Kasprowski’s maps at  If this cartographer has mapped an island that we’re going to visit, or we’re thinking about visiting, we buy his map.  In fact, we often buy two.  One stays at home as a planning reference; one travels with us and gets marked up with notes, plus it accumulates tears, extra creases, wine stains, coffee spills, and all sorts of other misfortunes that give life to a map.  When we retire, I envision a collection of Michal’s maps, neatly matted and framed, lining the walls of our basement pub.  Already, I have his wide ranging map of the Caribbean pinned the wall at the bottom of the stairway leading in my cave (not a man cave, a subterranean ‘jewelry’ studio where I make most the fancy components we sell through our company).  That map is my daily inspiration to work hard, then to travel well.

We also received a nice, but less detailed, map from the rental car company.  This one was put together by Skyviews Caribbean Maps at



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Franko Maps at offers the St. Kitts & Nevis Dive Map & Fish ID Card.  We always take something like this on our snorkeling trips.  Nevis just didn’t have great shore snorkeling, but we’ve been spoiled by Curacao.  The next time we’ll probably hire a charter boat for the day, so we’ll take this with us again.  It’s almost weightless and certainly durable.  When we take the kids, they love going over these dive cards at dinner or breakfast, everyone pointing out what they saw.

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