For the moment the featured image on this page is the map of the Caribbean that graces the wall at the bottom of the steps leading down into my cave.  Every day I see this map, nose it, stick my finger here or there, and set to work with purpose.

This page will eventually have links to the islands we’ve visited, and islands we plan to visit if there’s a reason to post a page and a link.  Come back in a few months and see where I’ve gotten with the typing and the photos.  My dad provided access to his archive of pre-digital photos – albums, envelopes, and boxes full of prints.  As I sort through these, I’ll be looking for island pictures from three the four earliest trips on this list; the Keys trip was one I took with the Boy Scouts, diving at the Florida Seabase.  Decades later, my son, Angus would head to the Keys with the same troop, but he went sailing rather than diving.  If some of these trips, or the reviews associated with these trips, have two years listed for a single trip, it’s because we traveled over the Christmas/New Year’s week and touched the island in both years.


Go travel now, while you still can.  Eventually you’ll be a dried out husk of your former self.  You might be awfully crabby if you haven’t gotten out and about while you were able.

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