Curacao 2017, The Trip

The lead image for this page is a detail cropped from an original painting which portrays the Maritime Museum, which we didn’t have a chance to visit until the following year, during our 2018 trip, when I market it out as one of my two “must do” items.  It says a lot about Curacao, and the folks we’ve met there, that we’ve already booked our 2019 trip to the island and we’re considering taking the kids there in 2020.  Curacao has us hooked!

The most strenuous thing we did on Curacao was hike to the top of the Christoffelberg, or Mt. Christoffel.  Here’s one of scenic shots from the top.

gw blog curacao 2017 mt c view

More blather later….


Credit where it is due: the painter of the Maritime Museum was the husband of the woman who was running a pop-up gallery showcasing local talent; I regret that I can’t read his name from his signature on the painting and I didn’t write down…I had no expectation that I’d be blogging.  Next time we go to Curacao, I’ll be bringing my journal and a reporter’s notebook.

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