Here are a few tales irrelevant to other, more cleanly defined, categories of stories.  Irreverent?  Sometimes.  Improper?  Definitely.  Here’s where you’ll catch rabies, cook a Ring-neck Snake, boil a skull, then forget it all.  Is it a proper miscellany?  No.  A proper miscellany, would be a collection of short pieces written by an assemblage of authors, a small multitude.  The only multitude here is iterations of the typist through time.  Does that make it a diachronic miscellany?  Sure, we’ll run with that, in no particular order.

Pumpkin, Hamburger or Hotdog? – Boy Scouts, A Hot Snake, & The Oxford Comma…

Ceding the Gardens of Memory –  We Seed So That, When We Cede, The Garden Remains…

How to Boil a Skull – M.F.K. Fisher Would Have Enjoyed the Stew (Even if Mom Didn’t)

Rabies, Attenuated – or, how I caught hydrophobia and learned to love the needle

Yanking Your Goat

Sailing Daze


The featured image on this page is my favorite shot of the ancient sycamore tree adjacent to Sycamore Mill, where we store half the inventory for Peak Bamboo.  The sky, here, is an unnatural violet color.  Strange days…


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