She Shells See Sells by the Sheshore

Or something like that.

On shell collecting and beach combing.

S has a keen eye.  While beachwalking in Grand Cayman she noticed the Triton’s Trumpet which has become the centerpiece of our informal shell collection.  We might have a few bigger shells (mostly conchs and whelks), but none that we’ve found together are prettier than this one.  We might have fancier shells (a Queen Helmet from Sanibel Island), but we didn’t find them.  Inherited shell collections are wonderful.  They spark the interest.  But there’s nothing like the shells you find when you’re wide-eyed by the sea.

Once after a storm swept the New Jersey coast we found buckets of whelks, moon snails, others.  Here’s a glimpse of that cache:

GW Blog Storm OCNJ Shells - Crop

Blather on….we’ll write more.  In the meantime, check out any subpages we’ve put up:

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