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Do you love having a unique view, insight coupled with inspiration?  That’s what we’re providing here on Goat Waters.  In order to provide increasingly regular off-path adventures in education, travel, and more, we do need to monetize this endeavor.  Funds drawn in through Goat Waters go directly towards keeping Goat Waters an active site by sending your resident Goat Waterers to places where they aren’t normally resident.  Where next?  We have our near-term eyes peering across the waters at St. Johns, Montserrat, Cayman Brac, Dominica, and a few other islands.  We’ve also got travel planned for Curacao and we can’t wait to get back to Nevis.  There’s a whole world to write about, so we may travel farther afield, too.

If you enjoy the reading here, please help to keep Goat Waters above water.  You can support Goat Waters at absolutely no cost to yourself.  How?  Three ways.  First, tell your friends about our pages and encourage them to drop in on a lazy weekend day.  I’d love to have them flip through our pages, but clicking through will have to suffice for the internet age.  Second, while you’re clicking through our pages, you and your friends can click through on some of the ads.  That helps.  Thirdly, please buy books linked up with the Amazon Affiliate program; this costs you nothing extra but really can add to our bottom line, plus reading will open new worlds for you and your kids.

If you want to be even more proactive with your assistance, please support us through our Patreon account.  Or simply get curious about what I do for a day job, where I split my time between here and here.  Be careful with your time – you could lose a day’s worth of productivity reading your way through either of those websites.  Are you ready to slow down?  My businesses sell bamboo rodmaking tools and components, raw bamboo, and, most importantly for you, within the context of supporting Goat Waters, a DVD set exploring how to make bamboo fly rod blanks and finish those blanks.  If you really want to help Goat Waters and the educational adventuring which makes Goat Waters possible, please buy a copy of our DVD set.  Watch it.  Learn something.  If you want to make rods, our companies can help.  If you don’t, then donate the DVD set to your local high school or public library.  Encourage education and craftsmanship in all forms.

Last, but not least, trek on over to the websites – and the brick & mortar businesses – of the businesses which sponsor Goat Waters.  Rent a villa, eat a meal, read a book, dress comfortably, carry your gear in style.  Get involved with this community.  If you have the opportunity, please let the folks who own or manage these businesses know that you learned about them on the Goat Waters website.

Make things.  Do things.  Learn things.  Teach your kids.  Live adventurously!

Thanks for your time and your support,

Russ & Family

PS – If you own or operate a business related to the Goat Waters mission, please visit our Corporate Sponsorship page to learn more about the opportunities we can provide.  We believe in small business and we believe in mutual bootstrapping.  We can help you and you can help us.  Learn more….

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