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We’re no fly by night operation.  Although Goat Waters is new – the first text and photos were only posted in late 2018 – the group of companies affiliated with Goat Waters have been around for over twenty years.  Russ Gooding founded Golden Witch Technologies, Inc. in 1998, and within a few years that custom fishing tackle endeavor expanded to include a wholesale component branch, Arcane Component Works.  Just a few years ago Golden Witch, the original GW, expanded once again with the opening of Peak Bamboo, a Tonkin bamboo import group established by Russ and fellow rodmaker, Matt West.  Peak Bamboo supplies the raw material needed to make traditional bamboo rods, bamboo bicycles, and more.   Golden Witch supplies many of the unique tools and components demanded by elite custom rodmakers and restorationists around the world.

As of 2019, the GW endeavor is 21 years old.  You might say that GW has come of age.  Russ and his wife, the elusive “S” within the Goat Waters website, decided it was time to branch out again, this time by stepping outside the fishing industry.  If there’s one thing Russ & S jointly know inside and out, it’s education.  Russ has taught classes, produced several educational DVDs, and written innumerable magazine articles and instructional posts within the rodmaking world.  He’s also been a homeschool dad for years and years – with three and half more years to go until his youngest graduates from High School.  S has been on the other side of education: public education.  She spent approximately two decades as a seventh grade science teacher before transitioning into public school administration.  Pennsylvania’s Department of Education would say that S is “highly qualified.”  Russ is too, but not as far as the state is concerned.  Together, Russ & S decided to share a portion of their family adventuring insofar as it gives context to their life’s work: education.

If you own or operate a company that is related to our educational mission – and it is a very broad, very deep mission, limited only by the limits of our curiosity – then we invite you to contact us about sponsoring Goat Waters.  Are you an author or publisher, a manufacturer of art supplies, a maker of travel gear, a villa or cottage owner, a distiller of fine spirits, the leader of an outdoor adventure or educational school, or anyone else directly or tangentially involved with all the stuff we discuss on Goat Waters?  If so, we want to help promote your products to our readers because when we help you, you can help us to find more time and treasure for travel, for learning, and for writing about our experiences.

Please email us for details at  Ask about our rate sheet for Goat Waters Corporate Sponsorship.  Get noticed by folks who are going places!

In the interest of transparency, it may be worth noting that operates entirely as a subsidiary of Golden Witch Technologies, Inc..  Any legal or financial inquiries regarding Goat Waters should be directed to GWT, Inc. at


Credit where it is due:  this flying frog drawing is my sketch, done up freehand with Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils, but the original image is a photo by Thomas Marent in his book Frog.

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