Piranha Teeth

If you’re looking at the page for Drake’s brother, Angus, you’ll find a picture of both boys dressed as pirates, and I draw attention to Drake’s closely set, sharp, piranha teeth.  Here’s a detail from that photo.

gw blog pirate drake piranha teeth

When I saw his teeth in this picture, I called them piranha teeth because they reminded me of the two piranhas we have in our curio collection.  These were sent to me by my friend, Holly, who picked the pair up when she was exploring markets in the Amazon basin.  One night when I was messing around with watercolors, I painted a rendition of one of these dried, mounted fish.  A detail from that painting is the lead image for this page.  Below are two photos of the same fish maw.  If you look closely, you’ll see that the teeth are quite real, but the eyes are perfectly fake.  These fish have Drake teeth.

gw blog pirhanna teeth close

gw blog pirhanna maw close

Piranhas, not these piranhas, but other piranhas, may develop a life of their own within our extended family.  I’ve been encouraging my nephew, a kindergartner, to take up piranha rearing.  My kind of fun, as his black sheep uncle, is to gift the kid a stuffed piranha and a book on Piranha Care for this birthday, then follow that up with a large fish tank which my kids have outgrown.  To be clear, they’ve outgrown the need for the tank.  They were never in it.

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